Selflessness is a Gift we Develop

Selflessness is a gift we develop when given to us by the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  As we experience the abandonment of ourselves and fill that space with ministry to others, the Holy Spirit begins to help us participate in healing and redemptive works which we never thought capable of in our dealings with those around us.

We seem to know so little about this world and the miseries of many.  When was the last time you gave without expecting to receive?  We need to die to self and become the kind of selfless person who alone is willing and able to practice hospitality.  We can play a significant role in redeeming our society.  Our Christian homes are the place for this transformation to begin.  The more we help the less fortunate, the discouraged, the captive, the blind, the more we realize that, in this inhospitable world, a Christian home is a miracle that needs to be shared.

As we give selflessly, God takes our gift, sanctifies it and renders it useful for the good of the one to whom it was given.

In her book, Open Heart, Open Home, Karen Main tells us that the word hospitable is found between the word hospice, which is a shelter, and hospital, which is a place of healing.  Shelter and healing are what we offer when we open our homes in the true spirit of hospitality.

We must present Him, the Giver of Life, to those who feel nothing but rejection.  As they accept hospitality from us, we should be prepared to continue to pray and seek the Lord as to how to help meet their need.  It may not be a physical healing such as one would get from a visit to a doctor, but it is the greater healing available in a relationship Christ.

We welcome the Holy Spirit and the presence of Christ as we open our hearts and homes to those who are searching for something, but do not know what they are looking for.  We give them His love, thinking nothing of ourselves.  We become selfless and give the greatest gift ever: eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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