Loneliness is a Human Condition

Loneliness is a Human Condition. Each of us has to learn how to be a friend as well as how to make and keep friends.  Busy schedules that include eight hour work days, meetings after work, meals to cook, children or grandchildren to pick up and deliver, are the plague of modern society.

We become isolated by our own little world.  Our comfort zone gets smaller and smaller.  However, there is a point in time that we realize the need to share with others.  Women need interaction with other women.

One way to do this is to have accountability groups, sharing with one another as openly as possible.  In order to increase the spiritual disciplines of our personal lives there is a need to realize that this interaction is healthy for spiritual growth.

There is both comfort and reward for just taking time to get to know a brother or sister in Christ who may be having issues undisclosed to anyone else.  We’re not talking about another Bible Study.  Rather, we are talking about close fellowship with people who commit to hold each other to biblical standards in your own personal lives.

You will find that once this intimate sharing and caring ministry begins, interpersonal understanding increases, and spiritual, emotional and psychological healing is experienced.  When held to an accountability standard we learn to accept ourselves as well as others.

What does this have to do with hospitality?  How might that person to whom you are accountable learn how her own experiences which have led to spiritual growth?  People need to know you care.  There is a saying that has so much meaning in this case, “People do not care how much you know, they just need to know how much you care.”

Our Lord cared so much that He gave His life for us that we might have eternal life.  We need to love one another even as our Lord loves us.

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